Sunday, August 1, 2010

Man & Woman

Man & Woman
24 x 18
Oil on Panel

This is a painting done on two panels, (each one is 24 x 18) often referred to as a diptych. Another one of the few oils I have done. I gessoed the board with a gold tone - drew out the image with an oil crayon and did the painting with water based oils, since my studio is not well ventilated I do not like to work with turpentine.

This painting just came forward - it was a wonderful experience.

Feng Shui believes that if you are ready and wanting to be in a relationship you should have sets of two through out your home, so that you can see things in pairs. I painted these two pieces specifically to attract a partner. Framed them and placed them over my bed. Low and behold, today I'm in a loving relationship. So now I am ready to release these two beautiful paintings. I'm wanting to create more of a self portrait of us to once again hang over the bed.

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