Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chloe Channel

Chloe Channel
Watercolor on 300 lb paper
7.5 x 10.25
Chloe will be four on March 8th, a Pisces like her brother. This little girl is my faithful companion, she can always be found in whatever room I a m in . Chloe is named after Jack Lemons, Standard Poodle. After one of her first few groomings, she looked so beautiful and smelled so good, I realized that her first name was a fragrance so I gave her the second name Channel. Chloe Channel has white curly fur that I imagine feels similar to a little lambs. She is relaxed and some what indifferent. Unless of course there is an intruder in/on the perimeter. She can be a little stubborn, but has a bright and affectionate personality. She has grown accustomed to her little brother, and has taught him the ropes.
This little girl is something else!

George Albert

was a year old on February 27th. His middle name is Albert after Albert Einstein because he is the smartest dog I have ever had. When George was two months old I stumbled on him while we were out walking and broke his right rear femur. It healed and then when he was 5 1/2 months old he jumped from a persons arms and broke it again. Little George has had a rough first year. He made it through and taught me about living, loving, and living in the moment. This little guy loves everybody he still loves the Vet. too, and everything. His fur is so soft it feels like silk. He loves to be pet, is friendly and out going and loves his big sister Chloe. And I love him?

Friday, February 26, 2010

100226 UnderPainting

I dont have to much experience painting in oil. I'm taking a workshop with Gretchen Lopez at the Sedona Art Center in Sedona. One approach to oil painting that was presented today is to block in the image, making sure that everything is where you want it. If you need to make changes you want to make them early in the painting. If your to far into the painting and find that something needs to be changed, it saps the wind from your sails, and you could loose your momentum and worse your enthusiasim. So you want to block everything in and establish your darks and lights. This is called the underpainting, and this is how the Old Masters painted. The color will be added when I go back to class next week. Until then, Happy Painting.

100226 Thumbnail

I sometimes forget - that not everyone is aware of the painting process. To get the best results it is a good idea to do at least one thumbnail of the image you are about to paint. The main reason is to see where your darkest darks will be and lightest lights. So this is my thumbnail done in my sketchbook.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Arched Desert Gate"

Looking through the Arch . . . off into the distance, miles and miles of the harsh desert landscape.

I seek shelter in the cool adobe walls - - -

Monday, February 22, 2010


I find it fascinating the way Sunflowers faces, follow the sun as it crosses the sky. In this piece I painted the petals Loose and Leafy offering a carefree feeling of happiness. I am exceptionally pleased with the texture achieved in the stamens. Happy Painting!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I did a little cherry series less than a year ago, and came across the photos from the series. I felt inspired to do one more.

"Back Light"

I wanted to see if I could get the glow effect as a result of the light coming from behind and to the left of the flowers. I was very pleased with the result creating an inspiration to do one or two more on a larger scale with more detail.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Two Roses

An old friend who I have been sending "Daily Paintings" almost, to. Saw my first painting of the "Two Roses" done a few days earlier. She contacted me and asked if she could have it before Valentines. All this romance and love swirling around me - I love it. She just celebrated 21 years of marriage. Wow! It was another spiritual journey and experience painting this for them. And I'm sure the piece has a good home.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


"Daily Painting" almost

Delicate colors for a delicate "Flower." I thought it would be fun to make the background an example of how to achieve different colors from a basic triad of color. Red (q.magenta) Yellow (aureloin) Blue (currelean). I started in the top right corner with the yellow, and then introducing the blue, creating a green. I carried over the pure blue and over to the left of the "Flower" I then introduced the red. That created the violet, and then introducing the red with the yellow creating the orange. So there you go - a little color wheel in the painting.

Monday, February 1, 2010

La Vida Dolce

"Life is Sweet" and yes it is. This is a fountain in our town square, the children and adults make wishes in there. I was going to name it something about wishing. I painted this little piece in my w/c class at the J.C. here in town. Once again I did the back ground and moved in. I didn't bring my frisket (a water resistant that reminds me of rubber cement) so I used a white crayon for the resist to keep the white of the paper as well as it would allow. I wonder if this wax from the crayon would now qualify the piece as a multi media? Hmm - I was having again such a great time with my iPod going and painting and just moving through - that I was reminded of the movie where the actress is intoxicated and she steps into the fountain singing - completely unaware - of the onlookers - and seemingly of the water. So I named the painting from the title of the movie - "La Vida Dolce." Life is Sweet