Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This is my third tulip study in the past month or so. I masked of the perimeter with archival artist masking tape, creating a boarder. When I was applied the back wash (the purple background) some of the water leaked in through the tape. Lesson here - I wont work so wet, and I will check to make sure the tape is well stuck.

The first thing I did was apply the tape. I then did the drawing and applied a resist to the area's that I wanted to remain white. In watercolor the white of the paper is used as the white. The resist takes a couple of hours to dry. I then went in and painted the flower petals. And making a point keep the translucence of the flower. I did not want to use the green until the yellow of the painting had been completed.

Over all I am very satisfied with this painting. And probably when I see it tomorrow I will absolutely love it.

Happy Painting,

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Other Half

I'm thinking of a different kind of display for these two halves, maybe in fourths, not sure.

Monday, March 22, 2010

1/2 a Sunflower

I wanted to create a 3D piece, a piece that is hung maybe in a hall way, when you walk down the hall you see one image and when you come back you see a different image. Anyway I have decided that this image will not work for that. I guess I'm disappointed about the 3/D effect I was looking for.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Tip Toe"

WaterColor on Arches 300 lb cold press
15 x 11
As you know I am working on contrast, The "Father and Son" painting was a study in contrast, and like this one has the light coming from behind. Known as back lighting. I did a study of a bouquet of tulips several "Daily Paintings" ago, and decided to do a close up and personal of these three. I am so pleased with the dramatic effect and the translucency of the tulips. I think by selecting to do the background in a dark violet, violet being the opposite of yellow on the color wheel really makes the tulips pop even more. As for the title - I guess I was tip toeing around and sneaking up on the painting, trying to view it from all angles,
"Tip Toe through the Tulips with me." Tiny Tim

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Father and Son" at The Rincon

I was looking through my friend Kelly's photo album when I came across this sweet shot his daughter Madison took. To me it seemed like such a magical moment - Father and Son watching the sun set on another day.

Monday, March 8, 2010

I don't know what kind of plant this is. I did find it here in the high desert. After several days of not painting, this was a welcomed relief. Done in my watercolor class at Yavapai College with Linne Thomas, not only was it a relief is was sheer pleasure. Once I stepped away from the piece it looked like the plant was in some sort of flight or dance. Wouldn't you agree?

Fabric Face

I did this painting a little while ago. It is a mixed media piece on a 12 x 9 canvas. I love this piece, and since I have been busy working in my studio/office - the lighting in the office and a designated area to photograph images when finished.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Here is my finished painting of my cousin. I did not use crayola in this piece, however I did use pen and ink. I hope she like it.

MMG - study . . . Van Gogh

My younger - (much younger) gorgeous cousin - - - As I was looking through some of her photographs I came across this edgy, dramatic one. I used permanent ink for some of the strands of hair. The ink was mostly lost as I used a blue crayola - to go over the ink lines to create some of the wildness in her hair.
If this was a finished piece (this is a thumbnail or a study) it would be considered mixed media. This piece was done in my sketch book.

A fun little pencil drawing of Van Gogh - sketch book