Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Irises II

Irises II

This is a watercolor done on Clayboard (hardboard panel coated with soft absorbent kaolin clay). Painting on clayboard threw me for a curve, as this is really slippery and not absorbent at all. Any time I tried to lay color on top of dried color it would almost remove the first glaze. The beauty of working on this piece of clayboard is that it has it's own frame. (I have included in the image of the work) Since watercolor should be protected I could not put this piece under glass. I then sprayed several applications of a UV fixative. The finished piece is light weight, is protected and doesn't have a glare from glass.

Feng Shui, strongly recommends groupings of two's if you are single - and want a relationship. A stronger composition from an artist standpoint - are odd number groupings, 3, 5, etc.

I did several paintings of groupings of two's a couple of years ago. This one I kept, it reminded me of a little family. I have that now, the painting served its purpose. I have another painting in mind - but I'm having to clear wall space, and letting go.

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