Monday, July 12, 2010

Bird Nest

Bird Nest
5 x 7
Watercolor on 300 lb paper

One night about a week ago, I was taking my pack of pups out for their evening walk. On my front door is a wreath and this tiny bird flew out just as I had stepped threw the threshold. Scared the bajeebees out of me.

When we got back from our walk - I peeked inside the wreath to find this sturdy, well constructed, tiny nest, with four little light blue eggs. What an exciting discovery!

Today I had a little time to paint so I painted the little "Bird Nest."

On another note, I have all my supplies to revamp my booth at the indoor market. We (my fiance) and I were going to start painting the booth tomorrow (7/13). He is leaving to go out of town several days early - tomorrow (7/13 a.m.). So now I'm going to be doing the painting. . . alone. YIKES!!!! Wish me luck in this transformation.

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