Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hobo Jungle

Hobo Jungle
15 x 22

While living in Ventura, CA I would often take early morning bike rides along the coast. There was one little piece of land at the top of Ventura, between Surfers Point and Dolphin Playground. The train would cross a bridge on the way in and out of town, right there, and from what I'm told is home to the homeless.

One afternoon I decided to go in on my bike with my camera, to go shooting. I saw some people sitting at a picnic table but other than that this gorgeous little piece of land was empty of people. I was expecting to find some cardboard homes or trash, some kind of clues -.-. Instead it was quiet and clean. And very inviting. The homeless were not living there at the time. I never went back - but I have this beautiful painting from a wonderful afternoon of exploring.

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