Sunday, April 11, 2010

9 - 11

What a crippling and vulnerable time for this once strong, fearless and impenetrable nation.

Slowly, she was chipped away - Stripped of her innocence. Down on her knees, asking, "How did this Happen? When and how did it all go wrong?

Change the locks, the codes, and guard the boarders. Be careful of who is let in.

And so it goes.

Living in fear. United and shaken to our core. Living in stages of RED or ORANGE alert! High alert - suspicious and on guard of what is yet to come.

We lived in fear, and mourned our once great nation. How could this of happened?

We held our breath and waited.

And slowly we began to rebuild, slowly we learn who are allies are.

Today - I am alone - I am that Nation.

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