Monday, February 1, 2010

La Vida Dolce

"Life is Sweet" and yes it is. This is a fountain in our town square, the children and adults make wishes in there. I was going to name it something about wishing. I painted this little piece in my w/c class at the J.C. here in town. Once again I did the back ground and moved in. I didn't bring my frisket (a water resistant that reminds me of rubber cement) so I used a white crayon for the resist to keep the white of the paper as well as it would allow. I wonder if this wax from the crayon would now qualify the piece as a multi media? Hmm - I was having again such a great time with my iPod going and painting and just moving through - that I was reminded of the movie where the actress is intoxicated and she steps into the fountain singing - completely unaware - of the onlookers - and seemingly of the water. So I named the painting from the title of the movie - "La Vida Dolce." Life is Sweet

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