Tuesday, July 12, 2011


7.5x 10.5
Teresa Beyer

With a cell phone it's easy to text a question to someone. They then have the opportunity to think about their reply. Maybe they are at work in a meeting or with a client and don't want to be interrupted. The reasons go on and on. I like this feature more and more. I'm trying to keep up with technology because I know the changes to come in the next 20 years are going to be something else. Put on your seat belts everyone because we are in for a ride!

What is also happening here is we are isolating ourselves, chipping away at any kind of human interaction. Sometimes finding us alone with all of our technology that gives a false sense of being connected. When in fact we are now isolated.

Elementary school children walking to their mom's car, hoping to make eye contact with her, as her eyes are cast downward wildly texting a meaningless reply, while missing an important moment with and for her child.

Texting, having these conversations with others present - isolates the other person. Having a cell phone conversation at the dinner table isolates your partner. What happened to common courtesy?

Have you ever felt any of this? Then this little watercolor is speaking to you.

Texting, isolating ourselves in a world overcrowded with people.

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