Wednesday, January 5, 2011


12 x 12 x .75
Watercolor Canvas

This piece was inspired by our recent snowstorm and from photo taken by Rachel Allen. I explored a couple of things that are somewhat new to me. For example using friskett on the watercolor canvas for the first time. Friskett acts as a resist to keep the canvas white. Enabling me to paint freely without worry about loosing my whitest white. I also used texture medium on the trees. This is advertised as giving a 3/D effect, and I think it did, as much as it could. So then I was worried about using the texture medium over the friskett. Not worried but wondering if I would be able to lift the friskett now that the texture medium had been painted over it. And of course it lifted.
The result is a haunting winter night during a snowstorm. And I am thoroughly pleased!

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