Thursday, December 2, 2010

Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup

oil on canvas

20 x 16

Teresa Beyer

Usually when a cup of coffee is unfinished it usually means there is still coffee in the cup.

I have dabbeled in oils over the years and recently I have a strong desire to learn how to paint in oils. I went to my first class with Paul Abbott at the Art Store here in town. Wow what a challenging experience. For my first piece he had me paint a white coffee cup on a white background. This alone is a challenge in any medium but on top of that I was painting with a palette knife. This is as far as I got in 3 hours.

Paul is teaching me to look and paint what I see, for me it is a much needed review.

Painting in oils and using a palette knife feels like a huge change from brushes and watercolor which is just what I needed! I'm inspired and excited!

So not only will I be learning to paint in oils but I am going to learn to get messy, my hands, supplies, clothes, everything! Learning to not be so OCD.

Happy Painting,


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